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Philosophy And Sportsmanship

One of the highest priorities of Trinity Episcopal Day School is the creation of a safe environment in which our students, staff, and faculty can fulfill the mission of our school. To that end, the Trinity Episcopal Day School Board of Trustees has adopted a rule of conduct for its coaches, players, students, and fans requiring exemplary behavior at all times, including exhibiting good sportsmanship and respecting the dignity of each person involved in competition.

The school administration, through the administrator in charge, will remove any individual from the playing venue who exhibits poor sportsmanship. In the event that a fan is ejected from the game by game officials, he or she will not be allowed to return to the playing venue for the remainder of the season of that sport.

In addition, the fan will be required to pay all fines levied against him or her by the MAIS as well as reimburse Trinity Episcopal Day School for the costs of any fines levied by the MAIS against the school. Any fan who fails to fulfill such financial obligations will not be allowed to attend any future school events.

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